Xeriscape Misconceptions Corrected

Several misconceptions often prevent acceptance of Xeriscape,
and these should be corrected.

Xeriscape is NOT dry only. Even though dry-only landscaping can be spectacularly colorful, and even lush, limited areas of highly-watered landscape are completely consistent with wise water use, if the return justifies it. Heavily-irrigated athletic field turf, for example, makes sense, since it recovers quickly from heavy use.
Xeriscape is NOT just rocks and gravel. Although dry (xeric) rock gardens can be truly marvelous, there are many other wonderful choices for the xeric portions of Xeriscape designs.
Xeriscape is NOT necessarily lawnless landscaping. Some lawn areas, even highly watered lawn, can be consistent with wise water use. "Less-lawn landscaping", not "lawnless landscaping", would be a more appropriate phrase.
Xeriscape is NOT about native plants only. Although there is a vast array of wonderful regional native plants, non-invasive introduced plants, that are well-adapted to our climate, are a wonderful addition to waterwise landscaping. Many Iris, Tulips and even Roses are example of introduced plants that are well adapted to nonirrigated landscaping in the Rocky Mountain region.
"Xeriscape Plant" is technically a meaningless term. Xeriscapes can have highly irrigated, as well as dry areas, so the term "xeriscape plant" means nothing. Xeric, plant, however, is a good term. It refers to plants that prefer it dry most of the time. Presumably what people really mean when they say "xeriscape Plant", is xeric plant.

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