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In the coming months BASIN plans to offer a wide array of environmental data streams and archives of environmental data sets.
  • Real-time: weather, flows rates of streams and waterworks systems
  • Recent (daily, weekly, monthly updates) of water quality and climate trends
  • Archives: historic data on water conservation and environmental quality.

This information can be accessed through our Datamap, or through the individual themes-- Natural Systems, Waterworks and Close to Home-- which will also offer background information and links.

Numerous image maps offering "clickable" access to real-time or recent information are planned throughout the BASIN website.

Specific environmental data will include:

  • Drinking water treatment (city of Boulder)
  • Wastewater treatment and effluent (city of Boulder)
  • Streamwater quality from throughout the Boulder Creek Watershed (city of Boulder and USGS)
  • A database of residential water use and conservation practices in the Boulder area (University of Colorado School of Engineering)
  • Storm event and landscape monitoring at the Environmental Center of the Rockies (University of Colorado School of Engineering)
  • A "virtual neighborhood" in the Wonderland Creek area where storm runoff will be monitored (University of Colorado School of Engineering)

Looking for current data on local environmental systems? Visit the BASIN Datamap.

Boulder Falls photograph taken in 1919 by Philip Munz and made into a slide by George Fuller. From the American Environmental Photographs Collection, [aep-cos21], Department of Special Collections, University of Chicago Library. For this an other historic images visit the BASIN Gallery

Let us know what is of interest to you in terms of your local environment. Take a moment now to complete the BASIN Survey if you haven't already, or accept our invitation to become part of the BASIN network.

Data alone without context is often just raw numbers: somewhat dry, technical and open to misinterpretation. BASIN provides you with background information and links to find more detailed information to help in the translation process, helping you to make sense of the data.

Initially the focus of BASIN is water in general and local hydrological issues in particular. In the near future information we intend to offer data and background materials on more than just water. Energy, transportation and growth will also be featured as they relate to the environmental systems of the Boulder area.
More About BASIN

INVITATION BASIN is a community project actively seeking public participation. We appreciate all feedback and welcome comments, suggestions and contributions. To find out more about how you can be involved, click here. Help BASIN serve your needs, take our "10 questions in 10 seconds" survey.

BASIN is supported by the US EPA, the City of Boulder, the Keep it Clean Partnership, BCWI and BCN

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