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RMEHA Newsletter Article Titles

This page lists RMEHA Newsletter article titles for 2002.

RMEHA Newsletter Titles for the Year 2002
Issue Months   Title
July/Aug 2002 A Word to the Wise, Stress Control
Sept/Oct 2002 Actual Writing on Hospital Charts by Doctors
Mar/Apr 2002 Agricultural Air Quality Exemption Challenged
Mar/Apr 2002 Agricultural Pesticide Discharges Attacked
May/June 2002 Agricultural Pesticides Featured by Environmental Health Perspectives
Sept/Oct 2002 Air Pollution Adds to Burden of Colds
Jan/Feb 2002 Air Pollution Linked to Birth Defects
Sept/Oct 2002 Air Pollution may Contribute to Diabetes
Nov/Dec 2002 Air Pollution Sampling Made Easier
Nov/Dec 2002 Air Pollution Web Site and Book
May/June 2002 Allergy Resources Available
Mar/Apr 2002 Alternative Wall Material
Nov/Dec 2002 Anti-tobacco Bandwagon Increasing Momentum
Nov/Dec 2002 Any Exposure to Small Particulates Possibly Harmful
Mar/Apr 2002 Arizona Prototypes of Healthy Houses
Nov/Dec 2002 Artist: Mary Clark
Mar/Apr 2002 Asthma Linked to Air Pollution
Nov/Dec 2002 ATDSR Focuses on the Children
July/Aug 2002 Bay Leaves have Pesticide Properties
Sept/Oct 2002 Beauty Products Take a Pasting
July/Aug 2002 Beware the Cottonwoods
July/Aug 2002 Book: Cradle to Cradle: Remaking the Way We Make Things
Mar/Apr 2002 Book: Cultural Creatives: How 50 Million People are Changing the World
Nov/Dec 2002 Book: Fungus Among Us: Mold, Mildew and You
Nov/Dec 2002 Book: My House is Killing Me
Nov/Dec 2002 Book: My Office is Killing Me
July/Aug 2002 Boulder County Spray Information Available
July/Aug 2002 Brain Scans Pinpoint Fibromyalgia Pain
Mar/Apr 2002 California Adopts Clean Air Symbol
Mar/Apr 2002 California Utilities can be Sued for Polluted Water
May/June 2002 Canada Approves Tougher Emission Standards
Sept/Oct 2002 Cell Phone Radiation may Cause Biological Effects
Nov/Dec 2002 Chronic Disease Tracking Effort Begins
May/June 2002 Chronic Disease Tracking Receiving Widespread Support
Nov/Dec 2002 Chronic Fatigue Disease-infectious Agent Links Studied
Nov/Dec 2002 Chronic Fatigue Indicator Found
Mar/Apr 2002 CIIN's MCS Activist of the Year
Jan/Feb 2002 Cold is Good, Too
Nov/Dec 2002 Coleman Natural Products Bought by Corporation
Jan/Feb 2002 Colorado Town Fights State on Pesticide Notification
Nov/Dec 2002 Conference - Green Building Council
Nov/Dec 2002 Corn Fungus Byproduct Aflatoxin Possible Serious Problem for EIs
May/June 2002 Cosmetics Linked with Variety of Health Problems
Jan/Feb 2002 Cumulative Risk Assessment for Organophosphates Developed by EPA
July/Aug 2002 Denver Housing Prospect
May/June 2002 Denver TV Features RMEHA Member
Sept/Oct 2002 Diesel Threat Should Decline
July/Aug 2002 Dozens of Pesticides Approved by EPA
July/Aug 2002 Drug Residues Damage the Environment
Nov/Dec 2002 Eleven Synthetic Chemicals Combinations Harmful to Hormone Action
Sept/Oct 2002 Environmental Diseases Costly to Children
Nov/Dec 2002 Environmental Health Getting More Attention on the Web
Nov/Dec 2002 Environmental Health Journal Covers the Environment
Sept/Oct 2002 Equipment Vulnerability to Radio Waves Acknowledged
Mar/Apr 2002 Exxon. Mobil Corp. Tagged for $5.1 Million Settlement
Nov/Dec 2002 Federal Organic Labeling Begins
May/June 2002 Fish Oil Compounds Proving Beneficial
Jan/Feb 2002 Flame Retardant References
Jan/Feb 2002 Flame Retardants Toxic and Widespread
July/Aug 2002 Flight Attendants Sue over Contamination
July/Aug 2002 Food Allergy Receives Remarkable Accommodation
Nov/Dec 2002 Food and Plant Allergies Cross-linked
July/Aug 2002 Forest Fires Contaminate the West
Nov/Dec 2002 Fragrances Making Headlines
Nov/Dec 2002 Fructose Harmful in Common Quantities
Sept/Oct 2002 Gap in Environment-Disease Link Closing
Nov/Dec 2002 Genetically Modified Organisms Escaping
July/Aug 2002 Georgia County Stops Spraying
Jan/Feb 2002 Governmental Benefits Checkup Program
May/June 2002 Health Registry Established for NYC-area Residents
Mar/Apr 2002 Healthier Lodging Checklist
Jan/Feb 2002 HEPA Filters Found Effective
Jan/Feb 2002 Hexane to Blame for Neurological Damage
Jan/Feb 2002 High Incidence of Lou Gehrig's Disease among Gulf War Veterans
Jan/Feb 2002 Homeostasis Studies Released
Sept/Oct 2002 Hospital System Adopting MCS Policy
Sept/Oct 2002 House History is Critical
July/Aug 2002 Importance of Eating Iodine
Sept/Oct 2002 Indoor Air Quality Conference Information Available
July/Aug 2002 Infections Common in Chronic Fatigue
Sept/Oct 2002 Inflammation is Important Threat
May/June 2002 Jawbone Infections Linked with Chronic Health Problems
Nov/Dec 2002 Journalists Covering Environmental Health Issues
May/June 2002 Jury Blasts Monsanto in Alabama PCB Case
Nov/Dec 2002 Knowledge Gap in Understanding Environment
July/Aug 2002 Legislators Pursue Major Study of Chemicals
May/June 2002 Less Toxic Housing Siding Available
Mar/Apr 2002 Less Toxic Lawn Care Promoted
July/Aug 2002 Less Toxic Trailers Touted
Nov/Dec 2002 Less-Toxic Hospitals Follow-up
Sept/Oct 2002 Long-Range Pollution Tracking Getting Easier
Mar/Apr 2002 Low-Cost Housing Loans
May/June 2002 Low-Income Housing Resources Available
Jan/Feb 2002 Lupus Breakthroughs Keep Coming
Jan/Feb 2002 Magnetic Field Disrupts Nerves
May/June 2002 Mainstream Media Outlet Emphasizes Less-Toxic Alternatives
May/June 2002 Manufacturer Announces Formaldehyde-free Fiberglass Insulation
May/June 2002 Many Lifestyles Increase Antioxidant Capacity
May/June 2002 Many Pushing Feds for Access for EI's
Jan/Feb 2002 Maryland County a Pioneer in Odor Control
Sept/Oct 2002 Massive "Brown Cloud" Found Over South Asia
Nov/Dec 2002 MCS Project Looking for Funding
Nov/Dec 2002 Measure of MCS Recognition by Federal Agencies
Nov/Dec 2002 Media Savvy Doctors - Doctors Concerned about Toxic Substances
July/Aug 2002 Media: Children Poisoned by Pollutants
July/Aug 2002 Media: Pesticide Drift
July/Aug 2002 Media: Toxic Products by Medical Equipment Manufacturers
Nov/Dec 2002 Medical Students Immersed in Environmental House Calls
Jan/Feb 2002 Mold Can't Hide from Pooch
Sept/Oct 2002 Mold Case Setting Precedent
Nov/Dec 2002 Mold Resource Online
Jan/Feb 2002 Monetary Estimates of Ozone Harm May Be Low
Sept/Oct 2002 Money Starting to Talk Green
Sept/Oct 2002 More Ancient History - Rachel Carsen Forcast Sensitivites
Jan/Feb 2002 Movie on Chronic Fatigure Syndrome
Sept/Oct 2002 Nature can be a Nemesis, too
Nov/Dec 2002 Neurontin Disclosures
July/Aug 2002 New Air Toxics Database Released
Jan/Feb 2002 "New Car Smell" Found Toxic
July/Aug 2002 New York Academy of Sciences Covers MCS
Mar/Apr 2002 Nitrogen Contamination High Indoors
Jan/Feb 2002 Non-Linear Dose-Response Relationships Conference
Jan/Feb 2002 NRC Report on "Acute Exposure Guideline Levels" Released
Jan/Feb 2002 "Nutrient a and Disease Relationships" Report Released
Nov/Dec 2002 Obscure Latex Allergy Source Found
Sept/Oct 2002 Old Cure May Still Be Causing Problems
Nov/Dec 2002 Older Cell Phones Linked with Cancer
Sept/Oct 2002 Orchards not Always Healthy for Children
July/Aug 2002 Organization Educating Health Care Providers about Pesticides
July/Aug 2002 Ozone: Beware False Marketing Claims
Sept/Oct 2002 Pediatrician Prescription: More Environmental Training Needed
May/June 2002 Pennsylvania Demanding MTBE Research
May/June 2002 Pesticide Applicators Loosing Ground
Nov/Dec 2002 Pesticide Combination Poses Potent Pregnancy Harm at Low Doses
Sept/Oct 2002 Pesticide Double Whammy
Mar/Apr 2002 Pesticide Exposure Information Listed
Nov/Dec 2002 Pesticide Progress in Canada
Jan/Feb 2002 Petition for Preident Bush to Desgnate MCS Awareness Week
Nov/Dec 2002 Plant Allergies on the Rise
May/June 2002 Product Labels Criticized by Consumer Union
Nov/Dec 2002 Radiation from Many Sources may cause Tumors
Jan/Feb 2002 Rapid Spread of Pesticides Proven
Jan/Feb 2002 Regional Physicians Listed by AAEM
Sept/Oct 2002 Regulating Pollutants Appears to Work
May/June 2002 Relocation Resource Update
Mar/Apr 2002 Resources for Finding a Less-Toxic Setting
Mar/Apr 2002 Rhode Island Sets Legal Precedent Against Lead Industry
Jan/Feb 2002 Seastedt's Work on Less-Toxic Weed Control Honored by Udall
Sept/Oct 2002 Showers Don't Always Offer Relief
Nov/Dec 2002 Sleep-related Health Disorders
July/Aug 2002 Smog Makes Sticky Airport
July/Aug 2002 Soy Uncertainty
July/Aug 2002 Stress and Disease: New Perspectives
Mar/Apr 2002 Stress Linked with Pesticide Toxicity
July/Aug 2002 Sublingual Drops Gain Favor
July/Aug 2002 Suit Stops Herbicide
Sept/Oct 2002 Summer Sun No Fun?
May/June 2002 Survey Show High Homelessness rate for Mass. EI's
Jan/Feb 2002 Sweat Whacks Germs
Jan/Feb 2002 Terrorism Fallout Offers Glimmer of Hope for MCS
Jan/Feb 2002 Texas Mold Controversy
Mar/Apr 2002 Toxic Gases from Hazardous Waste Sites Infiltrating Homes
Mar/Apr 2002 Toxic Schools in California, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey
Jan/Feb 2002 Universities Can Be Pollutant Slouches
Sept/Oct 2002 Vinegar is Herbicide Alternative
Sept/Oct 2002 Vitamin D Cut by Air Pollution
Nov/Dec 2002 Wild Oats Changes Suppliers
Mar/Apr 2002 Women Better Sniffers than Men
May/June 2002 Workplace Hazards Covered in USA Today
Nov/Dec 2002 World is Swathed in Pollution
Nov/Dec 2002 Zinc Intake Important for Cell Membrane Health

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