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RMEHA Newsletter Article Titles

This page lists RMEHA Newsletter article titles for 2004.

RMEHA Newsletter Titles for the Year 2004
Issue Months   Title
May/June 2004 12 Supplements Tagged as Dangerous
Jul/Aug 2004 Action Alert; Talk to Aussies
Jan/Feb 2004 Agricultural Pesticides Criticized in United Kingdom
Jul/Aug 2004 Air Freshener Problems Identified
Sept/Oct 2004 Air Purifier Problems
Jan/Feb 2004 Airline Pesticides Drawing Attention
Sept/Oct 2004 Alternative Insect Repellant Available
Mar/Apr 2004 Amalgams Deemed Toxic Waste
Mar/Apr 2004 Another CFS Clue in Fatty Acids
May/June 2004 Antibacterial Soaps Ineffective
Mar/Apr 2004 Antibiotics Said to Cause Breast Cancer
Mar/Apr 2004 Appliance Emissions Found Harmful
Mar/Apr 2004 Artwork - 'Stinkin News' by Tom Pry
Sept/Oct 2004 Asthma and Multivitamins for Infants
Nov/Dec 2004 B12 Test Needs Enhancement
Nov/Dec 2004 Bacteria Linked to Crohn's Disease
Sept/Oct 2004 Bathroom Deodorizers Banned
Nov/Dec 2004 Big Chance to Influence Disability Design Standards
Nov/Dec 2004 Book Review - The Cyanide Canary
Jul/Aug 2004 Brief Exposure to DES can cause Problems Later
Mar/Apr 2004 Busses Slash Idling Time in New York
Jan/Feb 2004 CDC Urged to Act on Chemical Sensitivities
Mar/Apr 2004 CFS Clue Discovered by British Researchers
May/June 2004 California County Bans GE Products
Sept/Oct 2004 Can't get away from Cat and Dog Allergens
Jan/Feb 2004 Canadian Court Supports Pesticide Restrictions
Jan/Feb 2004 Canadian Doctor with EI Makes News
Jul/Aug 2004 Canadian Doctors Say No to Pesticides
Jan/Feb 2004 Canadians Go Cartoon Route
Nov/Dec 2004 Chemicals Officially Linked with Gulf War Syndrome
Sept/Oct 2004 Chronic Diseases Soar
Mar/Apr 2004 Dark Hair Dyes Linked to Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma
Jan/Feb 2004 Dental Amalgam Suit Filed
Jul/Aug 2004 Dental X-Rays May Cause Small Babies
Mar/Apr 2004 Deodorant Chemicals Show Up in Tumors
Mar/Apr 2004 Doctor with MCS Still Tangling with Officials
Jul/Aug 2004 Don't Ride the Bullet Train
Jan/Feb 2004 Dow Pays for False Pesticide Claims
Sept/Oct 2004 Drinking Water Quality Review
Sept/Oct 2004 Drug Alert about Remicade
Mar/Apr 2004 EHP (Environmental Health Perspectives) is Free
Sept/Oct 2004 EI House in Denver to be Auctioned Sept. 15
May/June 2004 Electrical Surprise: Negative Ion Generators, Ozone Link
Mar/Apr 2004 Entovirus Found in some CFS/FM Patients
Nov/Dec 2004 Europe Pushing for More Toxics Reductions
May/June 2004 European Union Makes Companies Clean up
Nov/Dec 2004 Exhaust Chokes English Channel Swimmer
Jul/Aug 2004 FDA Challenged on Personal Care Product Ingredients
Sept/Oct 2004 Formaldehyde-free Wood Products get Qualified Support
Jan/Feb 2004 Fort Collins Spraying for West Nile Virus to be Studied
Nov/Dec 2004 Fragrances Damage Body's Detoxification Mechanism
Sept/Oct 2004 Fragrances getting Attention Down Under
Mar/Apr 2004 GE Crops Increase Pesticide Use, Contaminate Organic Foods
May/June 2004 GE Crops on Way Out in United Kingdom
Jul/Aug 2004 Genetic Link Found with Chronic Fatigue, Gulf War Vets
Nov/Dec 2004 Group Rewarding Media Who Feature Environment
May/June 2004 High Risk Estimates Are Not High Enough
Sept/Oct 2004 Homeopathy gets Scientific Support
Jul/Aug 2004 Hormone Therapy Takes Another Hit
Jan/Feb 2004 Hospital Pesticide Use is Widespread
Jan/Feb 2004 House Plans for EIs
Jul/Aug 2004 IAQ in the News
Jan/Feb 2004 Important Congressional Players
Jul/Aug 2004 In-Car Exposures Documented
Jul/Aug 2004 Independent Gulf War Inquiry in UK
May/June 2004 Indoor Dust Confirmed as Health Risk
Nov/Dec 2004 Indoor Pollution Slugs Workers in Denmark
May/June 2004 Inflammation-Depression Link Grows Stronger
Jul/Aug 2004 Infrared Sauna
Jan/Feb 2004 Introverted People Show More Stress
Nov/Dec 2004 Kentucky City Cutting Toxic Emissions
Jul/Aug 2004 Kids' Skin Care Products Laced with Allergens
Sept/Oct 2004 Lead Poisoning and Violence
May/June 2004 MCS Acivist, Irene Wilkenfield, Dies
Mar/Apr 2004 MCS Getting More Recognition Up North
Mar/Apr 2004 MCS Makes it into Merck Manual
Sept/Oct 2004 MCS News - Article in Daily Camera
Nov/Dec 2004 MCS News - CIIN Discussing National MCS Agenda
Sept/Oct 2004 MCS News - Coverage in E-News
Sept/Oct 2004 MCS News - Detoxification Treatment
Sept/Oct 2004 MCS News - National MCS Agenda Meeting
May/June 2004 MCS Talking Book Out
Jul/Aug 2004 MCS in Boulder
Jul/Aug 2004 MCS in the Media
Nov/Dec 2004 Mainstream Recognizing Pollution-Cardio Links
Jan/Feb 2004 Many Drugs Don't Work
Nov/Dec 2004 Medical Center Focuses on Cancer Prevention
Mar/Apr 2004 Mental Health Group Looks at Environmental Links
Mar/Apr 2004 Mercury Dental Amalgam Deemed Toxic Waste
Jul/Aug 2004 Micki Davi's Plight
May/June 2004 Missouri Researcher Studying Indoor Air
Jul/Aug 2004 More Abnormalities Found in Gulf War Vets
Jan/Feb 2004 More Biomonitoring News Expected in 2004
Jan/Feb 2004 More Stress-health Links Found
Jan/Feb 2004 New Chemical Rules in the European Union
Mar/Apr 2004 New EMF Newsletter: Luminous Times
Jul/Aug 2004 New Mold Book
Jul/Aug 2004 New Mold Detection Technique
May/June 2004 New Resource: "Our Children at Risk"
May/June 2004 New Resource: Enviromysteries
May/June 2004 New Resource: Environmental Health in Schools
May/June 2004 New Resource: Journal of Pediatrics, April 2004
Nov/Dec 2004 New TV Show Features MCS
Nov/Dec 2004 Oregon City and County Approve Precautionary Principle
Jul/Aug 2004 Organic Food Keeps Surging
Jan/Feb 2004 Other Housing Resources
Jul/Aug 2004 Other MCS News
Nov/Dec 2004 Particulates Wreck Body's Energy Production
May/June 2004 Pesticide Ban Have Some Immediate Benefits
Nov/Dec 2004 Pesticide Information Presentation Suppressed
Sept/Oct 2004 Pollutants Causing Brain Damage
Nov/Dec 2004 Pop Media Best at Health Education?
May/June 2004 Precaution Ascending: Report from Europe
Jul/Aug 2004 Preemie Drug Creates Problems Later
Jul/Aug 2004 Prevention Convention
Sept/Oct 2004 Probiotics Proving Helpful
May/June 2004 Proof is in the Bucket - The Bucket Brigade
Mar/Apr 2004 RMEHA Meeting Draws Large Turnout
May/June 2004 Real MCS Numbers?
Jan/Feb 2004 Refrigerators spur Crohn's Disease?
Mar/Apr 2004 Salmon Get Pesticide Protection
May/June 2004 Section 8 Housing Changes
Mar/Apr 2004 Sheep Go on a Spurge
Sept/Oct 2004 Skies getting Thicker
Jan/Feb 2004 Smoking Bans Spread
Jul/Aug 2004 Some Estrogen Helps, Though
Mar/Apr 2004 Summary of Health-Environment Links Published
May/June 2004 Swimming Pool Emissions Being Studied
Jul/Aug 2004 Taking the Gloves Off
Sept/Oct 2004 Teflon Controversy Continues
Sept/Oct 2004 Therapeutic Treatment to a Single Gene
Jan/Feb 2004 Theron Randolph Honored
May/June 2004 Tobacco Industry Tricks
Sept/Oct 2004 Toxic Products in the Home Targeted
May/June 2004 Unanticipated Chemical Effects of Premature Labor Drug
Jan/Feb 2004 Vaccination-allergy Link Proposed
May/June 2004 Vent Fan is Essential Kitchen Tool
Mar/Apr 2004 Virus Found in some CFS/FM Patients
Jul/Aug 2004 Vitamin C Reduces Inflammation
Jan/Feb 2004 Vitamins Recommended for Eye Disease
Mar/Apr 2004 West Nile Virus Conference Does Not Bode Well for EIs
Jul/Aug 2004 West Wing Fragrances
Jan/Feb 2004 Without a Clue on Indoor Air Quality

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