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RMEHA Newsletter Article Titles

This page lists RMEHA Newsletter article titles for 2008.

Updated through Nov/Dec 2008.

RMEHA Newsletter Titles for the Year 2008
Issue Months   Title
Jul/Aug 2008 Action Alert - Debra Lynn Dadd Speaking at Boulderfest
Jul/Aug 2008 Agents of Change: Personal Experience, Evolving Labels
Nov/Dec 2008 Another Paint Option
Jan/Feb 2008 Atrazine a Possible Major Contaminant
Jan/Feb 2008 Billing for CFS Still not up to Code
Jan/Feb 2008 Blood-type Diet May be Worth a Look
Jan/Feb 2008 Book on Toxics gets National Publicity
Jul/Aug 2008 Bush's Departing Environmental Agenda
May/June 2008 CFS Blood Test Near?
Jan/Feb 2008 CIIN Working on Safer Houses
Jul/Aug 2008 California Halts Urban Aerial Pesticide Spraying
Nov/Dec 2008 California Inching toward Safer Chemicals
Jul/Aug 2008 Canada to Declare 11 More Chemicals Toxic
Sept/Oct 2008 Cell Phones Linked with Children's Behavior Problems
Mar/Apr 2008 Chat Group Suggested for Members
Nov/Dec 2008 Chemical Engineers Largely Clueless about Health Effects
Mar/Apr 2008 Chemical Exposures Cost Billions in California
Nov/Dec 2008 Chemical Industry to Fight New Proposal
Mar/Apr 2008 Chronic Pain Alters the Brain
Mar/Apr 2008 Churches Recognizing Health Issues
Sept/Oct 2008 College Pharmacy Trial Expected This Fall
Mar/Apr 2008 Commercial Compost Highly Contaminated
Sept/Oct 2008 Congress gets the Lead Out - Reducing Lead in Consumer Products
Jul/Aug 2008 Diagnostic Longshot, But Maybe ...
Nov/Dec 2008 Diet can Help Control Stomach Acid
Nov/Dec 2008 Doctor Quality Information Becoming More Available
Jan/Feb 2008 Dr. Rea Contesting Possible Loss of License
Mar/Apr 2008 EMF Effects Publicized in Canada
Jul/Aug 2008 EPA Ozone Decision Challenged by Many
Jul/Aug 2008 EPA to Finally Look More Closely at Formaldehyde
May/June 2008 Eating Dust in the West
May/June 2008 Everything is Connected - Bardet-Biedl, Meckel-Gruber Syndromes
Mar/Apr 2008 Expanding RMEHA Membership
Nov/Dec 2008 Explaining 'Unexplained' Illnesses - Book Review
Jul/Aug 2008 FDA Acknowledges Mercury Threat
Sept/Oct 2008 Face Mask Available
Jul/Aug 2008 Fed Agency Goes Organic with Fertilizer
Jul/Aug 2008 Feds May Improve Disability Law
May/June 2008 Flame Retardants Documented in Vehicles, Homes
Nov/Dec 2008 Gas Appliances: Avoid Them, Say Researchers
Jan/Feb 2008 Geography of Health
Sept/Oct 2008 Globe Encircling Pollution
Nov/Dec 2008 Go For Organic Honey
Mar/Apr 2008 HEPA Filters Helpful
May/June 2008 HUD Director Resigns
Sept/Oct 2008 Healing Honey - Manuka?
Jan/Feb 2008 Health Care Quality Data Available
Mar/Apr 2008 Housing Resource, healthierhousing.com
Mar/Apr 2008 Humor Unmasked
May/June 2008 Hundreds Claim Harm from 'Benign' Pesticide
Jan/Feb 2008 Infant Formulas may be another Pollutant Source
Sept/Oct 2008 Juicy Problem - Juices that Reduce Effectiveness of Drugs
Jul/Aug 2008 Labels, Labels, Labels (for MCS)
Nov/Dec 2008 Latex can Lurk in Unsuspected Places
Jan/Feb 2008 Lead still in 100s of Toys
Mar/Apr 2008 Less-toxic Housing Available in Arizona
Mar/Apr 2008 Lessons Learned, Ernie's Healthy House
Sept/Oct 2008 Let's Play Jeopardy - MCS Version
Sept/Oct 2008 Maine Gets Aggressive Against Chemicals
Nov/Dec 2008 Major Health Study Getting Underway
Nov/Dec 2008 Many Doctors Tracking Supplements
Jul/Aug 2008 Mapping the Link between Illness and Pollution Source
May/June 2008 Member get Less-toxic Building Article Published
Mar/Apr 2008 Mercury Fillings Leach Into Body
Jan/Feb 2008 Mobil Home Toxicity Confirmed
Jul/Aug 2008 More Bad News on Teflon Ingredient
Jul/Aug 2008 Mountain Pine Beetle Control: A Safer Approach
Nov/Dec 2008 Nagy Mingles with Mainstream Doctors
Sept/Oct 2008 Nanoproducts Expand; Informed Oversight Doesn't
May/June 2008 National 'Biobank'?
Jan/Feb 2008 New "Healthy House" Group Forms
Nov/Dec 2008 New Healthy House Analysis May be Helpful
Jan/Feb 2008 Nurses Working in Toxic Settings Survey
Jan/Feb 2008 Nutrient Content of Organic Foods Getting Attention
Sept/Oct 2008 Oregon Spreads 40 Million Pounds of Insecticides on Its Lands
Sept/Oct 2008 Organic Goods - Check Before Ordering Online
May/June 2008 Our Chemical Future?
Jan/Feb 2008 Ozone Update
Mar/Apr 2008 Participate in MCS Research Project
Jul/Aug 2008 Pesticides Rain Down
Jul/Aug 2008 Poem - Trust Your Heart
Nov/Dec 2008 Pollutants Damage Appendix
Mar/Apr 2008 Possible RMEHA Meeting with Alison Johnson
Sept/Oct 2008 Probiotics Good Enough for the Military
Jul/Aug 2008 Public Plastics Reaction Provides Business Opportunity
Sept/Oct 2008 Pyrethrins and Pyrethroids Pegged as Major Toxicity Culprits
Jan/Feb 2008 RMEHA Member Wins International Competition
Jan/Feb 2008 RMEHA Newsletter Reminders
Jul/Aug 2008 Safer (and Aromatic) Wart Removal
Mar/Apr 2008 Sick Building Syndrome, Outdoor OZone Linked
Sept/Oct 2008 Sick Hospitals Featured in Business Week Magazine
Jan/Feb 2008 Silence of the Genes, Unveiled
Jan/Feb 2008 Smoking in Homes makes National Headlines
May/June 2008 Sniffing Out Danger Proven to Work
May/June 2008 Study - Cortisol Helps Treat CFS, Fibromyalgia
Sept/Oct 2008 Study - Fragrance Chemicals Common, and Unlabeled
Sept/Oct 2008 Tilapia May Not Be the Healthiest Fish Choice
May/June 2008 Trial Run on Email Advertising
Nov/Dec 2008 Troubles with Wind Turbines
Mar/Apr 2008 Two NAC Studies Find It Effective
Jan/Feb 2008 USDA Published Updated Antioxidant Information
Jul/Aug 2008 USDA Zeroes Out Pesticide Tracking
Sept/Oct 2008 Uranium Contamination Common in Drinking Water
Mar/Apr 2008 Web Tool to Spot Cell Phone Towers and Antennae
Sept/Oct 2008 Work Opportunity - At Home

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