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Colorado ET is a project of the Colorado WaterWise Council and this website offers information about the study of evapo-transpiration in Front Range Communities. New weather stations are being installed in Boulder and data will be made available during the summer of 2000.

Also check out coloradoenergy.org, a one-stop shop for energy efficiency and renewable energy information in Colorado.

Around the house, the business, the neighborhood and on the streets, there is much we can do to make a difference and protect the environment

Current BASIN News  featuring story on a new open space initiative along Coal Creek above Superior.
Students in a CU Environmental Design class are solicting information from the general public regarding current water consumption habits. This class project will later present the resulting water consumption statistics with conservation techniques.

How do we build, from the inside out, more sustainable communities and a greater understanding of the natural environment we inhabit?

Read the BASIN Stakeholder Update for the latest "behind the scenes" of the project. Email us for more information on how you can become a stakeholder.

Check out the BASIN Calendar of local events relating to water and the environment.

More about BASIN's Personal Action Theme

What can I do every day to make a difference?

What are some of the tools
I can use to be better informed and aware of the local environment?

Where does my water come from? How do I use it? Where does it go downstream?

How can I get involved in local environmental efforts?

"We all live downstream" is an expression which reminds us
of how the hydrologic cycles connect us with the larger
environmental systems the surround us.
Yet water is so common in our everyday lives
we often don't stop to think about the basics:
"Where does my water come from?"

"How am I impacting the water I use?"

"What happens to the water downstream?"

Given that many key environmental issues are connected to water and yet we often take water for granted in our lives, these are important questions to explore.

In this section of the BASIN website, we examine a variety of indicators relating to community and environmental health that have to do with water in the Boulder area, including the environmental indicators put together by the Boulder County Healthy Communities Initiative (BCHCI) and the EPA's Index of Watershed Indicators. We also examine the water quality data available on the BASIN website to look for important indicators of stream health, and water consumption data from recent studies conducted on domestic water use in the region.

Finally, we look at things we can do in our everday lives to become more "waterwise" and environmentally aware.

Beyond BASIN

EPA Sites Conservation Water Protection: Personal Action Other Links of Local Interest

Other Communities in the in the Boulder Area

The Town of Nederland currently has no website.... but be sure to check out the Rocky Mountain CAM near Nederland with view of the Arapahoe Peaks region.

INVITATION BASIN is a community project actively seeking public participation. We appreciate all feedback and welcome comments, suggestions and contributions. To find out more about how you can be involved, click here.

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