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Water Conservation

 Water Conservation


Boulder receives an average of 18 inches of rain a year which is not enough precipitation to depend on for all of our water needs. We rely heavily on the snow that falls in the mountains. In Colorado, roughly 80% of our water supply comes from snow. Because snow melts quickly in the spring, we have developed extensive reservoir systems throughout the mountains and plains to store water for year-round use. (For more on the seasonal changes in climate and precipitation, go to the learning activity on Water Budget, which will be completed in the Fall of 1999.) The average Boulder Creek Watershed resident uses about 80 gallons of water a day. This amount fluctuates throughout the year. The highest demand for water falls in the summer months June, July, August. The most water we use indoors is in the bathroom. The highest water use outdoors is for landscape irrigation. 

Because water is a precious resource in Colorado, we must find ways to conserve it. There are many things we can do indoors to reduce the amount of water we use including putting in low-flow showers and toilets; turning off the water when we brush or shave; taking shorter showers; and many others. Much of the water we use is for outdoor watering. One way to reduce our watering is to plant a xeriscape landscape which incorporates native, drought resistant plants, trees and grass species. 

In Boulder, our houses and apartment buildings have water meters that measure household water use. The city of Boulder’s Public Utility Department takes monthly readings from our water meters to prepare household water bills and to calculate a community’s water use.

For a chart with information on how much water we use for various tasks, click here.

For a worksheet that will help you track your daily use of water, click here.  

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