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WatershED Learning Activities Table of Contents

The WatershED curriculum was developed by the Boulder Creek Watershed Initiative and the City of Boulder's Stormwater Quality Office with the help of teachers in the Boulder area. It has been modified for students, teachers and the general public for the BASIN website. We are grateful for all who contributed to this effort and acknowledge the efforts to the community.

For information on your own set of the original WatershED curriculum, contact the city of Boulder's Water Resource Educator at (303) 413-7365 or the Boulder Creek Wateshed Initiative at (303) 245-8486.

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Got an activity? The WatershED program is continuing to develop curriculum for the Boulder area. Contact Jeff Writer or Curry Rosato with activity ideas.

If your school is collecting water quality data and would like to share it with the community, visit the city of Boulder's WatershED Data Input website.

Table of Contents 

Learning Activity
Teacher Tips

Water, Colorado's Precious Resource

Activity 1.1
The Water Cycle Activity 1.2
The Boulder Water Story Activity 1.3
Water Law & Supply Activity 1.4
Water Conservation Activity 1.5

Stream Teams - An Introduction Activity 2.1
Mapping Your Watershed Activity 2.2
Watershed Walk Activity 2.6
Watershed Cleanup: A Treasure Hunt Activity 2.7
Storm Drain Stenciling Activity 2.8
Raise & Release: Aquarium Setup Activity 2.9

Water Quality (Introduction) Activity 3.1
Phytoplankton-- Trends & Diversity Activity 3.2
Nutrients: Building Ecosystems in a Bottle Activity 3.3
Macroinvertebrates-- Long-Term Ecosystem Health Activity 3.4
Stream Gauging: A Study of Flow Activity 3.5
Water Quality (Intermediate & Advanced) Activity 3.6

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