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StreamTeams-- Student Introduction

An Introduction

A primary objective of StreamTeams is to discover the educational value of the natural environment. By being involved in a StreamTeam, you will get to know the water body near your school and gain a sense of responsibility and stewardship for the environment. In addition to your own learning, participation in a StreamTeam can provide a valuable service to the community through your monitoring and study of the waterway.


Boulder Creek is the primary creek in the watershed, but it is not the only creek. There are hundreds of tributaries (creeks that feed into Boulder Creek), ponds, lakes and wetlands to be explored and protected. Creeks are an important backbone to a healthy environment. Healthy creeks mean healthy animals and plants, as well as happy and healthy humans. Just as we care for ourselves, we must also care for the waterways that we live near.


There are a number of important questions to explore in developing a StreamTeam. You will have questions and concerns of your own, but here are several questions to consider:

1. Why is it important for people to keep streams clean, to preserve and enhance them? 

2. List several problems that might exist in and around waterways near your school. 

3. What are actions we can take to help reduce these problems? 

StreamTeam Responsibilities

If your class chooses to form a StreamTeam, you will adopt a section of stream or other body of water near the school to keep clean, monitor and protect. Adopting a waterway will give you a sense of satisfaction and pride for their hard work; it will be a fun and educational outdoor experience; and it will help you understand your connection to the natural environment. 

The responsibilities of a school StreamTeam include:

1. Identifying the waterway near your school. 

2. Signing an agreement with the city about the work you will do on the adopted waterway.

3. Creating a watershed map.

4. Planning a creek walk to take inventory of your adopted waterway to find out where pollution problems are, soil erosion, urban development impacts.

5. Setting Priorities: 

  • storm drain stenciling 
  • monthly creek cleanups
  • plant native tree/plant species
  • pull non-native plants
  • other ideas

6. Ongoing activities: visually monitor stream weekly and look for changes in water or vegetative health; report spills; encourage students to keep school yard, sidewalks and the street in front of the school free of oil spots, loose trash, pet waste, etc.

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