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Watershed Walk Teacher Guide

Teacher Tips

Estimated Time: 45 minutes to 2 hours


The objective of the walk is to help students visually assess the waterway that they have adopted by filling out the Watershed survey. 


The outdoors offers a variety of learning opportunities. In this exercise, students will observe first hand the riparian environment around their adopted waterway. This walk will help students to fill in information on their watershed maps; they will also have the opportunity to compare and revise their watershed maps with the real environment.

Teacher Preparation

The week before

1. Walk the study area of the watershed before your class outing to note any dangerous areas, and the location of private property. If students need to walk on private land, visit the landowner to get permission before the walk.

2. Send home permission slips

3. Find parent helpers

The day before

1. Make sure all students have signed permission forms.

2. Remind students to wear appropriate shoes and clothing.

3. Review safety issues.

4. Discuss purpose of the walk. 

5. Divide students into teams of five; choosing 2 team leaders per group. One leader can be responsible for recording observations from the group on the worksheet and the other can record major landmarks on a watershed map. 

6. Discuss and review key words found on worksheet.

People to Contact 

Water Conservation Specialist 413-7407 

Science Standards 

# 1: Students understand the processes of scientific investigation and design, conduct, communicate about, and evaluate such investigations.

# 3.1: Students know and understand the characteristics of living things, the diversity of life, and how living things interact with each other and their environments.

# 5: Students know and understand interrelationships among science, technology, and human activity and how they can affect the world.


Hands on Save Our Streams. Karen Firehock. Izaak Walton League of America, Inc. September 1995.

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