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Storm Drain Stenciling


The objective of this activity is to stencil the message: Dispose no Waste, Drains to Creek, on curbs above storm drains. This activity provides a hands-on action which emphasizes the fact that storm drains are connected to creeks.

In many cities there are two separate sewer systems, the storm sewer and the sanitary sewer. The sanitary sewer system collects residential wastewater (from sinks, toilets, washing machines), commercial and industrial wastewater. These wastes are collected and delivered to the wastewater treatment plant. The storm sewer system is made up of a network of pipes which connect gutters and storm drains to nearby waterways. As rain and melting snow flows over streets, roofs, and parking lots, water may collect pollutants such as litter, pesticides, heavy metals and oil. The runoff water is then collected in the storm sewer system and flows directly to the stream with little if no treatment. Since both sewer systems discharge waters to the natural environment care must be taken to prevent or minimize disposal of hazardous wastes into these systems.



All will be provided by the Stormwater Quality Office spray paint stencils wire brushes orange vests traffic cones tape newspaper protective gloves eye wash. To contact the Water Resource Educator who can set you up with the materials, call (303) 413-7365  or send an email.

Two Weeks
Before Call the Stormwater Quality Office for information and for arrange drop off of Storm Drain Stenciling kits.

One Week Before
1. If this is a school project, permission/risk and release forms need to be signed.
2. Find parents to help with outing.

Day Before
1. Divide into groups of five. Discuss duties (allow students to rotate, to give everyone a chance to spray paint): (2) safety officers wear orange vests and set out traffic cones (1) to brush off side walk and to tape down stencil (1) to spray paint stencil (1) to hang fish-shaped informational door hangers on house in the neighborhood.
2. Make sure everyone has a signed permission slip.

3. Wear old clothes.

Day of the Stenciling
1. Go over stenciling instructions once more

2. Look at copies of the map of the area where they are to stencil.
After stenciling, return kits to Stormwater Quality Office with a map of where you stenciled.

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