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Conservation Worksheet

Conservation Worksheet 

Personal Water Use 


For each water use, write the estimated number of gallons used. Keep track of your water use for each day, for a week. At the end of the week you will be asked to figure out your average daily use. 
Water Uses



flushing toilet

brushing teeth          
drinking water          
washing hands          
washing clothes          
washing dishes          
outdoor watering          
Daily Total          

Average water amounts for each use: 
shower/bath ~ 5 gallons/minute  washing dishes ~ 30 gallons (water running) 
flushing toilet ~5 gallons/flush brushing teeth ~ 2 gallons (water running) 
drinking water ~ 1/8 gallon/cup of water  washing hands ~ 2 gallons (water running) 
dishwasher ~ 20 gallons ( number in household) 
washing clothes ~ 40 gallons/load ( number in household) 
outdoor watering about 8 gallons/minute ( number in household)

To find daily average water use: Add Daily Totals  5 = average gallons/day 

____________  5 = ____________ average gallons/day 

Monthly Water Use Average Before Conservation Methods _____________ 

Monthly Water Use Average After Conservation Methods_____________ 

Total Water Conservation_____________ 

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