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Boulder Area River Watch Schools- Overview

About The Rivers of Colorado
Water Watch Network

The Colorado Division of Wildlife's Rivers of Colorado Water Watch Network (RCWWN), often known as the River Watch Program, is:
  • a water quality monitoring program
  • an interdisciplinary hands-on real science program
  • a computer communications network
  • a dynamic consortium of students, teachers, natural resource personnel, private industry and community representatives.
Partnering with 260 schools and comunity groups to collect quality data, the program monitors over 120 rivers at 550 stations throughout the state, directly involving some 10,000 students each year.

How Water Quality Data is Collected

In addition to learning through direct experience how to conduct scientific monitoring of water quality parameters, students are trained to collect high quality data through Quality Assurance and Quality Control techniques, or QA/QC. The data, once validated by the Division of Wildlife, is entered in a statewide database and can be used in water quality hearings.

Is the data any less valid or accurate than that collected by seasoned professionals? No. In some cases the QA/QC proceedures may be more rigorous than data collected by experts.

The chosen methods of collection and analyses as well as the level of Quality Assurance/Quality Control is a function of what the data will be used for. Data collected by River Watch volunteers offer numerous learning opportunities, but it also provides a wealth of information on stream water quality to the Division of Wildlife and the Colorado Water Conservation Board.

Plans for 2000 River Rendezvous!
BASIN would like to help organize a Boulder Creek River Rendezvous in the Spring of 2000 for the Water Watch schools and others interested in monitoring the water qauality of local creeks. We are tentatively planning for late April, 2000 somewhere in the Boulder Area. If you are interested in being involved, contact Mark McCaffrey at (303) 449-3955.

River Watch Data for Boulder Area
River Watch Schools in the Boulder Area
Making Sense of the Data

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