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Boulder Area River Watch Schools- Locations & Data


Go the River Watch Data for the Boulder area

Now ten years old, the RCWWN volunteers have been collecting water quality data through the Boulder area schools and locations listed below:

School Sampling Location
Logan Gifted & Talented School Gamble Gulch and South Boulder Creek
Casey Middle School Boulder Creek at 9th Street Bridge
Boulder High School Boulder Creek at Four Mile Canyon and above 17th Street Bridge
The Naropa Instutute Boulder Creek at 75th Street
Alexander Dawson School Boulder Creek at 95th Street
Burbank Middle School South Boulder Creek near Baseline
Centarus High Shool Coal Creek
Shining Mountain Waldorf School Left Hand Creek


Making Sense of the Data
Data collected during the past decade in the Boulder Creek region by participants in the RCWWN program provides another view of water quality parameters to compare with the data collected by the city of Boulder and others. Select here to go directly to the River Watch data for the Boulder Area.

Following are the indicators which are measured and how they are conducted:

Code Name of Parameter Means of Measuring
PH pH or Potential Hydrogen Electronic pH Meter
TEMPC Temperature Celcius Thermometer
PHEN_ALK Phenol Alkalinity Titration
TOTAL_ALK Total Alkalinity Titration
TOTAL_HARD Total Hardness Titration
DO_MGL Dissolved Oxygen Winkler Titration
CDDISUG Dissolved Cadmium

All metals samples are collected at the monitoring station and then sent to the Division of Wildlife for analysis by an Atomic Absorption Spectrometer

CDTOTUG Total Cadmium
CUDISUG Dissolved Copper
CUTOTUG Total Copper
FEDISUG Dissolved Iron
FETOTUG Total Iron
MNDISUG Dissolved Maganese
MNTOTUG Total Maganese
PBDISUG Dissolved Lead
PBTOTUG Total Lead
ZNDISUG Dissolved Zinc
ZNTOTU Total Zinc

Select here for information on the Quality Assurance/Quality Control parameters.

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