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There are many ways to become involved with BASIN. One of them is to work as Boulder Community Network Volunteer. Currently the following volunteer opportunities are available.

Contact Jim Waterman via email for more information on the postings below, and sign up as a BASIN Volunteer by filling out BCN's Volunteer Questionnaire.

Special Projects
Editor/ Authorship
Graphical & Technical Support

PowerPoint Presentation on the Web

Will you volunteer to put a Power Point Presentation on the BASIN website?

We have the latest version of a BASIN powerpoint presentation. This could be made available to people that will be making presentations on BASIN. We would like your help to post it electronically for easy downloading and to present it as HTML documents on the BASIN website. If this is a project you can commit to please contact Jim Waterman, via e-mail.

Quark 3.3 & CD Rom translation Local water wizard and land-scape architect Jim Knopf has agreed to let BASIN use some of the material from his new book about water-wise landscapes and gardens. The book has some great information on Boulder's water use and comparisons to other community's water costs and consumption.

The material is on a zip drive with the software being Quark 3.3 for Mac. Ideally a newer version of Quark might allow direct translation to html....but if not we could pull out appropriate information and save into a format we can make webpages out of. He's also got many photos of local native or drought-tolerant plants on a Photo CD. It should take a few hours to go through the zip drive and pull off appropriate materials.

WWW surfer to collect EPA and USGS maps, images and references from the "maps on demand" and "surf your watershed" sites relating to the Boulder area.

WWW surfer to collect Colorado/ Boulder CO webcams locations (longitude and latitude) and web addresses.

Researcher to work with BASIN and County personnel to assemble and format information relating to the groundwater pollution and flash flood information in North Boulder.

Researcher to work with BASIN and City personnel to assemble and format information relating to the City of Boulder's proposed Lakewood pipeline.

Teachers and Students. Looking for interesting community service or service learning projects in the Boulder Area? BASIN offers numerous opportunities to learn about and serve the local community. Share research and information on environmental issues around your schools and neighborhoods through BASIN, and become part of the network!

Water and Kids everywhere! Develop a BASIN wesite site devoted to linking with other water-related programs around the world, especially those involving kids. The idea is that people in different parts of the world could learn about the Boulder area and water-related topics from BASIN.... and they could share through BASIN things relating to their regional water. Part of this dream would be for kids in, say Brazil or Tajikistan, (or Maryland) to network together through the common-denominator of water.... and to have a chance to share their own ideas/images. Task requires surfing and web page design.

Toni is working on it

BASIN Recreation and History Theme Editors Sought. Interested in linking outdoor recreation in the Boulder area with timely environmental information? Are you knowledgable in the history of the Boulder area and the role water has played in our local heritage? Interested ? Get in touch with Mark @ 303/449-3955

Something Missing from BASIN? Let us know if you would like to see something included with BASIN that isn't on the current site.

Authors , looking for an opportunity to showcase your writing skills ? BASIN has targeted several historic and current water related issues in the Boulder Area which we would like to summarize for the public and we are seeking authors to research and compose articles on these topics for the WWW site.

Mary Naumiec is working on it

Graphic artist to develop small pictorial icons for the BASIN datamap Exciting opportunity for communication artists.

Technical reviewer to research and report on Web Cam hardware and software issues

HTML coder to rebuild the BASIN contributor pages. Here's an opportunity to try your hand at something creative!

DONE. Sean may work on Flash version
HTML Designer to assist in formatting and editing the Boulder County Health Communities Initiative Indicators Report.

HTML Designer to edit and format A The Natural History of A House & Yard on Marine Street by John McClellan.

Carol Brooks is working on.

CGI Designer to develop BASIN "e-card" postcard system to send historic postcards and local artwork of the Boulder area.

On indefinite hold
CGI Designer to extend the BASIN quiz code to support non-programmer editing and extensions.

INVITATION BASIN is a community project actively seeking public participation. We appreciate all feedback and welcome comments, suggestions and contributions. To find out more about how you can be involved, click here. Help BASIN serve your needs, take our "10 questions in 10 seconds" survey.

BASIN is supported by the US EPA, the City of Boulder, the Keep it Clean Partnership, BCWI and BCN

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