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Watershed Address

What is a Watershed Address?

Image from the EPA Surf Your Watershed Site
Boulder Creek and its tributaries flow into the St. Vrain River, which joins the South Platte, becoming the Platte, then the Missouri, which flows into the Mississippi, and finally into the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean and Atlantic oceans.

Your watershed address shows the connections between all the rivers downstream of a particular location. If you were in New Orleans and needed returned home following the rivers, you would backtrack this route. Knowing your watershed address is helpful in terms of understanding what is upstream and downstream, which can be an important consideration in terms of preventing pollution or preparing for potential flash floods. Also see "National Watershed Units" and "What is a Watershed Address?"

Can you find the St. Vrain Watershed on this USGS map? Click on image for larger map of the entire Missouri River Basin.

Through the "great round river" of the hydrologic cycles, all water is ultimately connected back to its original source in the ocean. Waters that flow downstream sooner or later (sometimes after many side diversions) return to the ocean, although perhaps a different one from where the particular molecules evaporated into the atmosphere.

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