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Current Theme: Watershed
Water Quality
by Sheila Murphy and Jim Waterman

Water Quality Data
Water Quality data collected by the cities of Boulder, Longmont, and Denver.

What is the condition of Boulder/St. Vrain Watershed?
  • Factors affecting Boulder Creek water quality
  • Analysis of Boulder Creek water quality data
  • Water Quality Index
  • The pros and cons of using an Environmental Index
  • USGS studies of the Boulder Creek Watershed
  • USGS Study of the St. Vrain Creek through Longmont

    State of the Boulder Creek Watershed
    Water quality of Boulder Creek, past, present and future
    Boulder Creek Millennium Baseline Study
    A collaborative effort between the USGS and the City of Boulder to collect extensive data for Boulder Creek.
    How is Water Quality measured?
    What do the parameters really mean? How are they measured? What affects them?
    What can you do to help protect water quality?
    Tips on protecting our streams and lakes.
    Water Quality Standards
    An explanation of EPA drinking water standards and State of Colorado water quality standards, and a table of the standards.
    Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL)
    An explanation of what TMDL is and how it relates to waters in the Boulder area.
    Information on Pesticides and links to gardening alternatives.
    Endocrine Disruptors
    Information on Hormonally Active Agents and affects on Boulder Creek fish development

  • We depend on our rivers and lakes to provide clean drinking water, recreational use, irrigation of crops, and aquatic life habitat. Water quality data lets us determine the health of our water and its suitability for these uses, and to see what affects the water as it moves through a watershed.

    North Boulder Creek near Lakewood Reservoir at the upper end of the Boulder Creek Watershed.

    Boulder Creek near 95th Street towards the lower end of the Boulder Creek Watershed.

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