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RMEHA Newsletter Article Titles

This page lists RMEHA Newsletter article titles for 2010.

Updated through Nov/Dec 2010.

RMEHA Newsletter Titles for the Year 2010
Issue Months   Title
Nov/Dec 2010 "Smart meter" Hazards Becoming Apparent
Mar/Apr 2010 Acupuncture Offers Little Fibromyalgia Relief
Jan/Feb 2010 Adverse Drug Reactions Keep Climbing
July/Aug 2010 Another China Controversy - Organic Food
Jan/Feb 2010 Another Medical Truism May Bite the Dust
May/June 2010 Anti-wireless Petition Being Circulated
Mar/Apr 2010 Antioxidants can Both Harm and Help
Mar/Apr 2010 Arizona EI's Plea for Protective Buffer Zones
Nov/Dec 2010 Book By Dr. Rea - "Reversibility of Chronic Disease and Hypersensitivity"
Nov/Dec 2010 Book on Cell Phone Hazards - "Disconnect"
Nov/Dec 2010 Book on Monsanto - "The World According to Monsanto"
Mar/Apr 2010 CDC Gets New Directors at ATDSR and CFS Research Program
July/Aug 2010 CFS Survey (Ends 07/05/2010)
Nov/Dec 2010 Calcium Supplements Linked to Heart Disease
Jan/Feb 2010 Cancer Society Takes Stronger Stance on Chemical Threats
Jan/Feb 2010 Cans for Food Products Not Always Friendly
Nov/Dec 2010 Cell Phone Battles Continue
May/June 2010 Chemical Regulatory Reform Efforts have Begun
May/June 2010 'Clean Room' Being Used to Study Autism
July/Aug 2010 Coal Ash May Increase in Concrete, Wallboard
Mar/Apr 2010 Common Chemical Linked with Thyroid Disease
Mar/Apr 2010 Data on Healthier Counties Released
Mar/Apr 2010 Dietary Supplement Information Available
July/Aug 2010 Direct Link Shown Between Immune and Psychological Systems
Jan/Feb 2010 'Dirty Electricity' Gets Big Coverage in Prevention Magazine
July/Aug 2010 Don't Overdo Antioxidants
July/Aug 2010 Don't Overdo Vitamin B
Jan/Feb 2010 EPA Asking Public Opinion on Disclosure of Pesticide Inerts
May/June 2010 EPA Mulls Disclosure of Pesticide Inerts
Jan/Feb 2010 EPA Proposes More Comprehensive Pesticide risk Assessments
Mar/Apr 2010 Evidence Mounts against "Thirdhand" Tobacco Smoke
Nov/Dec 2010 Evidence of Possible Viral Culprit with CFS
Jan/Feb 2010 Excess Selenium Tied to Elevated Cholesterol
July/Aug 2010 FDA Again Looking at Mercury Fillings
Nov/Dec 2010 FDA Targets Chelation Products
Jan/Feb 2010 Federal Drinking Water Standards Questioned
Mar/Apr 2010 First National Organic Farm Data Released
May/June 2010 Fish Oil Manufacturers Sued Over Contaminant
Nov/Dec 2010 Fish Oil May Pose Risks
Jan/Feb 2010 Flame Retardant Sources Identified, Sort Of
May/June 2010 Food Sensitivity Varies Substantially in Western Countries
July/Aug 2010 Free MCS Book
Nov/Dec 2010 Gluten Free Foods Can Contain Gluten
July/Aug 2010 Grass Fed Cows provide Healthier Milk
May/June 2010 Health Care Reform is Now the Law
Jan/Feb 2010 Herbal Ingredient Poses Cancer Risk
May/June 2010 Homeowners Win Major Dollars for Chinese Drywall Damage
Mar/Apr 2010 Humidity Tied to Headaches
Jan/Feb 2010 Indoor Plant Benefits Remain Mixed
May/June 2010 Indoor Quality Guidelines Open for Public Comment
July/Aug 2010 International Team ID's MCS BioMarkers
July/Aug 2010 LEED Downplays Human Health
Jan/Feb 2010 Lead Laces More Herbal Supplements
Jan/Feb 2010 Lead Weighs Down Many Vinegars
July/Aug 2010 Leaded Lipstick
Nov/Dec 2010 Less Toxic Dental Filling
Nov/Dec 2010 Little Progress on Toxic Law Reform
May/June 2010 Looking for a Pen Pal
Mar/Apr 2010 MCS Genetics Overview Published, More Findings Possible Soon
July/Aug 2010 MCS Gets Coverage in Regina, Canada
July/Aug 2010 MCS Housing Assistance Organization Forms
Nov/Dec 2010 MCS Terminology: Still a Hot-button Topic
May/June 2010 MCS in the Movies
Jan/Feb 2010 Maine and San Francisco Ponder Cell Phone Warning Labels
Jan/Feb 2010 Many Pesticides being Added to Federal Biomonitoring Program
Mar/Apr 2010 Metals Chelation Product Suggested
May/June 2010 Mold Problems Taken Seriously in Colorado Penitentiary
July/Aug 2010 More Contaminated Supplements
July/Aug 2010 New Fibromyalgia Criteria Proposed
July/Aug 2010 New Sulfur Dioxide Standard Proposed
Jan/Feb 2010 Newer Homes Saturated with Formaldehyde
May/June 2010 Non-occupational exposures linked with worse MCS
Jan/Feb 2010 Organic Research Gets Federal Funding Boost
Nov/Dec 2010 Oxygen Therapy - Be Careful!
May/June 2010 Pall Publishes Possible Additions to Protocol
July/Aug 2010 Pesticide Spraying Strategy for 'Regular' Neighborhood
July/Aug 2010 Possible New Immune System Diagnostic Tool
Jan/Feb 2010 Power Line Fields May Trap Air Pollutants
May/June 2010 Prospects Improve for Candida Diagnosis Test
Jan/Feb 2010 RMEHA Member Contact List
Mar/Apr 2010 RMEHA Resource Guide Updated
Jan/Feb 2010 RMEHA Updating Its Resource Guide
Nov/Dec 2010 Recommended Las Vegas Dentist
Mar/Apr 2010 Researchers Failing to Confirm Virus-CFS Link
Nov/Dec 2010 Safer Lodging Prospects
July/Aug 2010 Safer-food List Updated
Mar/Apr 2010 Secret Corporate Data Reveals Damage from Genetically Modified Food
May/June 2010 Stealthy Air Testing Tool May Be Useful
Nov/Dec 2010 Study: Fragrance = VOC's
Nov/Dec 2010 Supplement Contamination Occurs Frequently
Mar/Apr 2010 Sweden - A Partial EMF Refuge
July/Aug 2010 'Toxic America' Aired by CNN
Jan/Feb 2010 Toxic Beauty - Cosmetics and Body Chemical Load
July/Aug 2010 Toxic Ingredient in Personal Care and Maintenance Products
Nov/Dec 2010 Toxic Rental Recourse?
July/Aug 2010 U.S. Organics Program Audited
Mar/Apr 2010 UN Reports Corporations Causing Some $2.2 Trillion Environmental Damage
Jan/Feb 2010 Vitamin C Linked with Cataract Risk
Jan/Feb 2010 Web Site Carries MCS Doctor Recommendations
Mar/Apr 2010 Wind Turbine Furor Booms
July/Aug 2010 You Can Participate in CFS Research

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